FAN INTERVIEW: Lauren Conrad's 'Celebrate' Live Book Chat on Twitter!

Today was Lauren Conrad's live book chat om Twitter and
everyone could ask her some question about her new book 'Celebrate'.
If you missed it, below are every question from the fans and Lauren's answers..

What was your favorite party to plan/shoot in #LCCelebrate?
My wedding! My dear friend @cassandrabette was my wedding planner,
which made the process a lot more fun.

Do you have any tips of what to do with left over food, decor, ect after the party?
Because I throw parties so often, I keep most of my decór. Or you can sell it on @Etsy :-)

If you could just give one tip for entertaining, what would it be?
Get everything done ahead of time so you can enjoy the party. Celebrating should be fun, not stressful.

What is your favorite recipe in #LCCelebrate?
Definitely the crepe cake from the baby shower chapter :-) It tasted just as good as it looked.

What was the hardest + most enjoyable part of the writing process?
Celebrating with my nearest and dearest was definitely the most fun part of making this book.

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VIDEO: Look Inside Lauren Conrad’s Stunning All-White Kitchen!

When Lauren Conrad was renovating her 5-bedroom Pacific Palisades, California home, the first thing she did was make her entire kitchen white. “I prefer kitchens to be white because I think they just look clean,” the fashion designer, 30, exclusively tells PEOPLE in the new issue (on stands Friday). “I just like the brightness. It’s sort of the same reason why you want to serve food on a white platter — it serves as such a beautiful backdrop.” Conrad replaced the woods and dark tiles in the original kitchen with light wood flooring, all-white cabinets and a white tile backsplash.

“I just whited the whole thing out immediately!” she said. “We swapped out countertops and pulls and tile. I took out [some of] the cabinets and added open shelving, but all the other cabinets we just painted. And then my one gift to myself was a new stove.” The Celebrate author said that having a spacious kitchen was a top priority when she was house hunting with husband William Tell, 36. “I love entertaining,” says Conrad. “When we were looking for a home, I really wanted one that felt welcoming, and I really wanted it to work for having big groups of people over.”

Now her kitchen is the perfect gathering spot for the intimate parties she enjoys hosting. “The thing about a kitchen is everyone always ends up there,” she says. “If you have drinks and food in the kitchen, they’re not going to be anywhere else. It’s kind of funny that way.” Whether or not she’s having guests over, Conrad loves spending time in her “light, bright” kitchen. “I try and cook at home as much as I can, and I like being in here,” she says. “Growing up, some of my favorite memories are in the kitchen preparing meals with family, so I’m looking forward to doing that more here.”

For more of our interview with Lauren Conrad and to see exclusive photos of her home,
pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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INTERVIEW: Lauren Conrad Stopped By BuzzFeed & Teach Us Party Planning 101!

Lauren Conrad stopped by BuzzFeed New York to teach us Party Planning 101 — and because she’s so crafty, she did all of that while also showing us how to make the ​*perfect*​ not-flower bouquet
that your BFF would actually want to receive.

What are your must-haves when throwing a party?
Lauren Conrad: The three main ones are a good menu — good cocktails, appetizers, whatever you’re serving. Decor is really important: I think it separates that occasion from everyday life; it makes it feel more special. And then the last thing is music. I think a playlist is often forgotten and kind of left till the last minute, but i think it really sets the mood for any party so I think that’s important.

What should you not serve at a party?
LC: I think that it’s best not to serve anything that can be offensive breath-wise — in a social event you don’t wanna go too heavy on, like, garlic or onions. And if you’re doing appetizers, maybe bite-size, so you’re not trying to fit everything into your mouth.

Is there something someone could bring you that would make you even more excited than flowers?
LC: Probably! I don’t know; I have really thoughtful friends. I feel like whenever they show up with a little present it’s always so sweet. The best gifts I feel like aren’t forced — they’re like, I saw this and it reminded me of you. I think those are always really fun to receive. Even like a really beautiful card is really nice.

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VIDEO: Lauren Conrad Stopped By BuzzFeed & Makes The Cookie Bouquet Of Your Dreams!

If you’ve ever spent hours scrolling through Lauren Conrads Instagram of aesthetic perfection or meticulously scoured her website for your next DIY craft, then her new book Lauren Conrad Celebrate should probably be taking up space on your nightstand immediately. It’s pretty much a Pinterest-worthy guide on how to throw a Lauren Conrad–approved bash, featuring everything from lifestyle tips to recipes and more. Conrad stopped by BuzzFeed New York and because she’s so crafty, she did all of that while also showing us how to make the ​*perfect*​ not-flower bouquet that your BFF would actually want to receive. Because who wants flowers when you can get macarons and doughnut holes instead?

Source: BuzzFeed

VIDEOS: Lauren Conrad Appeared on 'The Dr. OZ Show'!

From reality TV star to lifestyle expert, Lauren Conrad opens up about trying new things, as well as the pressure to constantly keep up on social media and she reveals what works for her when it comes to weight loss. Plus, Lauren Conrad shares her vision board and reveals how to plan a decadent celebration without blowing your diet or breaking the bank. Check out her healthy party food recipes for the summer days. From homemade popsicles to a tomato and watermelon salad, these dishes are guaranteed crowd-pleasers for your next pool party gathering. The recipes are simple, nutrient-rich, and most importantly, highly refreshing. Check it out here!

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